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Personal Trainer Itamar Peixoto

Fitness For Life Limited in London, England, helps you achieve all your fitness goals by offering quality personal training services. With my knowledge, motivation and passion, I can guarantee that you will succeed in all your fitness endeavours. Your goals are my goals, whether you are looking to tone-up, lose weight, reduce body fat, or increase your core strength or build.

My Skills

I have been a personal trainer for over seven years and have worked with many different clients. In 2011, I achieved Personal Trainer of the Year. In 2013, when I was affiliated with Virgin Active Classic Collection, one of the most sought after clubs for personal trainers in the United Kingdom, I achieved Master Trainer.

My extensive background includes creating programmes suitable to your specific goals. I listen to your likes and dislikes and vet your wants and needs through a fitness assessment that provides the best programme for you.

I’m very passionate about what I do, and perfection is something I always try to achieve. I utilise a variety of exercises to obtain the ultimate workout.

My qualifications include:

  • YMCA Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • YMCA Nutrition and Weight Management
  • YMCA Running and Outdoor Activities Instructor

I have experience offering the following services:

  • Boxing
  • Functional training

  • Kettlebells
  • Sky specific training

  • Strength training
  • Virp


“Six weeks ago I decided to invest in some personal training, something I had not done before even though I am a regular gym goer. It has been the best decision I have made for myself. I was lucky enough to have Itamar Peixoto as my personal trainer and he has made all the difference. I have benefited hugely from Itamar’s knowledge, passion and commitment to his work. Itamar has an enviable work ethic and is dedicated to achieving your goals with a single-mindedness and a razor sharp focus. In four weeks of training, I dropped 3kgs and 3.5% body fat. Both results I am very happy with, so much so that I have signed up to continue training with Itamar for the next three months. Outside the gym, the positive changes that I have had to make to diet and healthier living have been watched closely by Itamar and my success in achieving my goals can be largely attributed to Itamar’s excellence and high standards. I look forward to the next three months and the continued positive effects Itamar’s personal training regimes are having on me physically, emotionally and mentally. A big thank you!” – Lisa McEvilly

“Having decided to engage a personal trainer into my fitness regime, I set about finding the best one I could. I was fortunate enough to have Itamar recommended to me and I haven’t looked back. Itamar has trained me twice a week for the last 10 months. Our sessions are hard work but also great fun. Itamar’s primary focus for every session is your goal. He creates versatile programmes which constantly challenge your body and he keeps a close eye on your nutrition. This is the only way to get into shape and Itamar is your best champion in helping you achieve this. During the last 10 months, together as a team and with his expert guidance, we have reshaped my physique. Lean, toned and fitter – a great result! So what has the journey looked like? Within the first two months there was 3 kg weight loss and 1.5% body fat loss plus toning was starting to emerge. Then everything stopped as I cracked a rib and couldn’t train for close to six weeks. This was a setback for me. Itamar kept in close contact with me over this period, checking on me and giving me advice. When I returned to training, he gently rehabilitated me and built me up to my previous level before the accident. Within three months of my return there was a further 2.5% body fat loss and toning was definitely showing, plus I was getting fitter, feeling better and a lot stronger. Another two months and a further 2% body fat loss and a 3kg weight gain of pure muscle, which resulted in a cheer from me and a hug for him. I am looking forward to my next assessment to check how the progress is going and what I achieved over the last six weeks.

“Over and above the physical aspects and an increase in fitness, Itamar has taught me about correct nutrition, exercising effectively, paying attention to correct form and how to achieve the most from my training. I have been lucky to have Itamar as my personal trainer. He is timeous, always engaged and ready to listen and adapt your programme to support your goals. I highly recommend Itamar to anyone who is serious about reshaping their physique; you will achieve it with his help!” – Lisa McEvilly

“I have been training with Itamar twice a week for two years now. When we started Itamar set out a clear and precise work-out plan that would help me reach my personal goals. Initially I wanted to increase my fitness level and to tone muscle. Although I had trained on my own, on and off, previously, I had never felt truly comfortable or consistent with what I was doing. With the help of a healthy diet plan that we put together and the new routine it wasn't long before I reached my goals and very soon I was setting new challenges.
“Itamar has changed the way I feel about working out. I used to think going to the gym was a laborious process but now I look forward to our sessions. He makes it fun and each session is always different from the last. Whether we are boxing, running laps or weight training I never know what to expect next and I really feel I have found a training programme that finally works for me. Itamar is a wonderful personal trainer and a lovely person. He has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin and I can honestly say I have never felt so good.” – Hannah Tointon

“I have been training with Itamar for about three years. He is extremely easy to get along with, very humorous and understanding, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything to do with fitness and health. He completely understands what my aims are for my body and overall fitness and is totally focused on helping me achieve them. Though the atmosphere in our sessions is relaxed and easy-going, the training is hard, focused and exciting. While always mindful of my key targets, Itamar frequently varies and refreshes the program of exercises which keeps things interesting and helps me to stay motivated. He is also always educating himself and developing his skills as a trainer, and is always ready with new info on things like diet and the latest thinking on exercising and fitness. I’ve got to know Itamar as a good friend over the past three years, and I would honestly describe him as pretty much the ideal personal trainer.” – Joe Thomas

“I started training with Itamar five years ago, and have trained between two and four sessions per week ever since. It’s been worth every penny, to me he’s the best I’ve had, which is why I followed him from gym to gym over the years and kept my training regular. The alternative was to stick around with local PTs: I’ve tried it but it didn’t work for me. At all. See, I am a busy professional who spends a lot (too much) of time sitting in front of a computer. It might sound familiar to you. So I knew from day one that I needed to work posture, burn fat, tone up, but I also knew that after a long day of work, the last thing I wanted was to deal with some paramilitary bloke who can’t relax, or with someone who would go too softly on me and burn my money rather than my fat. I wanted a PT who understands my goals, who teaches me how to exercise smartly, who pushes me to get real results, but can also adapt to my mood after a long and potentially stressful day. I wanted someone who could be a friend. And I still want this by the way, which is why I am here to write this today. Itamar is fantastic; your wellbeing is his thing; try him before you lose him to everyone else! A protein shake on me if you’re not convinced after that.” – Christopher D